Laurence Lien

Laurence Lien is the Chief Executive Officer of the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre and the Community Foundation of Singapore. Formerly the Director of Governance and Investment at the Ministry of Finance, Laurence served 14 years in the Singapore Administrative Service. Actively involved in the non-profit sector, Laurence is Chairman of Lien Foundation, and Deputy Chairman of Caritas Singapore Community Council. He is also the President of the Centre for Non-Profit Leadership, and Board Member of the Lien Centre for Social Innovation at the Singapore Management University.


Peter Grindrod

Pete is a mathematician working on a range of applied topics including maths for the digital economy (especially the service sector ennabled by emerging ICT); the retail and supply sector – customer centred insights, via CountingLab Ltd in the UK; the energy sector and analysis of customer usage rich-data (together with Scottish and Southern Energy plc and others); the the mobile banking/telco sector, via Cignifi Inc, working within emerging territories developing behavior based credit referencing, to enable financial inclusion. Pete is a member of the Council of BBSRC and some other UK gov advisory bodies; he is a former member of the Council of EPSRC. He is a member of the MOD’s DSAC. He is an expert on the mathematical analysis of peer to peer networks, and complexity within social systems.



Michael Yap

Michael Yap is Deputy CEO at Media Development Authority (MDA), and Executive Director of the Interactive Digital Media (IDM) Programme Office. Prior to that, he was MD for Oracle Corporation Singapore, and VP Business Development for Oracle Asia Pacific. Michael was the CEO of National Computer Board (NCB), where he spearheaded the Singapore IT2000 Masterplan, the Singapore ONE roll out, and the Electronic Commerce Masterplan. Michael has been a board member of the Singapore Broadcasting Authority, the NLB and the Singapore Science Centre.


Christine Outram

Christine Outram is an expert in creative strategy and design, community mobilization and initiatives that utilize ‘big data’ to create smarter cities and new business eco-systems. She is a partner at Re:imagine Group and is also the director of City Innovation Group – a global think-tank that helps governments and businesses understand how to foster innovation through working with emerging technologies. Christine’s work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and in academic and popular press, including, at the COP15 Climate Conference, and in The New York Times and Scientific American. In 2011, she was named one of the top 100 ‘Internet of Things’ thinkers.


Catherine Mulligan

Dr Catherine Mulligan is Transitional Fellow at the University of Nottingham, currently working in Horizon Digital Economy Research. Catherine is PI for the joint DST/RCUK project “Scaling the Rural Enterprise”, investigating the use of mobile technologies for generating economic growth in the UK and India. She is also ‘Network Champion’ for the RCUK funded “Sustainable Society Network+”. Catherine also works to ensure her research has real-world impact and is currently working with several cities in order to understand how an “Information Value Chain” can help create jobs and new industries. Catherine has 15 years industrial experience in the ICT industries, including 10 years at Ericsson in Stockholm, Sweden and is the author of several books on the communications industries.


Peter Hirshberg

Peter Hirshberg is at the epicenter of the noisy, connected world of online conversation. He is changing our thinking about marketing, branding and customer relationships. His tenure as chairman or CEO of three successive companies, Gloss.com, Interpacket Networks, and Elemental Software, was marked by phenomenal success in the online arena. He ran Enterprise Marketing for Apple Computer for nine years and grew business and government revenue to $1 billion annually.




Gian Yi-Hsen

Yi-Hsen currently serves as the Director for three divisions within the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB); i3, Safety & Security Industry Programme Office and Japan & Korea Desk. Yi-Hsen co-leads a team managing an organization wide process in the identification of new impactful economic opportunities. Prior to this, Yi-Hsen was stationed in Tokyo, Japan as a Centre Director looking after industries such as the Electronics and Biomedical Sciences and subsequently represented EDB as Regional Director for Japan and South Korea. Yi-Hsen was concurrently appointed as First Secretary to the Singapore Embassy in Japan.



Daryl Arnold

Daryl Arnold is the co-founder & CEO of Newton Circus a sustainable business innovation company that seeks to deliver new or improved products, services or processes for the good of people, planet and profit. He co-founded Profero Ltd, in 1998 and served as its global Chief Executive Officer until 2010. As one of the pioneers of the digital revolution, Daryl has a keen eye for what is ‘next.’ He sees sustainability as not only something we can all feel good about getting behind, but an absolute necessity for the ‘now.’ When not trying to make the world a better place, Daryl is found hustling those less fortunate on the squash courts of Singapore.


Tong Yee

Tong Yee is the Director of The Thought Collective, a group of 5 social enterprises, which includes School of Thought, Food For Thought, Think Tank Publishing, Thinkscape and Common Ground. Since 2001, he has served in the field of education and youth development, providing civic education and academic training for instituions like Anglo-Chinese Junior College, Pioneer Junior College and Ngee Ann Polytechnic. His work has in recent years extended into building social and emotional capital in Singapore as he sees this as a vital cornerstone of the continued development of our country. He believes that there is immense potential for Singapore to be a global leader in youth engagement, social innovation and social enterprise.




John Berns

John Berns is the co-founder of BigData.SG, a group for practitioners of Big Data technologies and Data Science to share knowledge and experiences.  Previously John worked in Technical Business Intelligence for Mig33 where he managed their Hadoop cluster and analyzed the data generated by the 60 million members of their social network. John’s entrepreneurial background that goes back to the very early days of the internet.  He started one of Chicago’s first web development companies called FX Multimedia and later started TravelGuide.com. John is also active in the startup and tech community in Southeast Asia.



Joe Ziegler

Joe worked at Accenture in San Francisco with Netscape amongst his clients. He developed some of the first e-commerce applications during the early days of the Internet and ran several start-up companies, including his first classic IPO on the NASDAQ. His most recent thriving venture is Iris Data Services, which landed on the “Forbes 500 Fastest Growing Companies in the US” list. Joe started using cloud services in 2006 to create the infrastructure for Iris Data Services as the Director of Technical Services. He worked with several enterprises developed on the cloud, including building his own company, IndexMedia, on Amazon Web Services. Now he has enthusiastically become an evangelist for Amazon.



Ken Yuktasevi

Ken Yuktasevi is a designer, artist and cultural entrepreneur specializing in the field of experiential design. His passion for telling empathic human stories on film compelled him to re-create that experience in physical spaces, this was fully realized through UNION a design thinking firm he Co-Founded with Mark Wee specializing in interiors and architecture. On his journey he’s has had the privilege to consult with and serve Singapore Airlines, The Singapore Housing Development Board, OCBC BANK, Sentosa Leisure Group and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in creating new experiences. He designed the new Kempinski Nicolskaya Hotel in Moscow. Ken co-founded “Kennel.” a communal work experience bringing together businesses wanting to change culture together and inspire innovation through value and meaning .


Grace Sai

Grace is the Co-Founder of The Hub in Singapore and Founder of Books for Hope in Jakarta. She has been in the field of social entrepreneurship and corporate responsibility since 2007. Across the years, Grace has consulted for companies, foundations, charities and start-ups in London, San Francisco, Ghana, Jakarta and Singapore. Her focus is on mainstreaming and supporting social entrepreneurship in Asia through ecosystem-building, mentorship and venture support, leading to a current initiative of co-founding The Hub in Singapore.


Nicholas Lee

Nicholas joined The Idea Factory as Vice President at the beginning of 2003 and was Chief Executive Officer from 2009 to 2011. Over that time, Nicholas lead innovation-related projects for Abacus International, ABN AMRO, American Express, Design Council Singapore, Jurong Health Services, LEGO, Levi Strauss, Microsoft Asia-Pacific, Philips and Roche (Australia). Prior to joining The Idea Factory, Nicholas spent 10 years at the Singapore Tourism Board in various capacities spanning 7 countries. Recognized for his creativity and ability to quickly take conceptual ideas from the drawing board to reality, Nicholas held a concurrent role of Chief Innovation Activist in the ASEAN Regional Office.



Tikki Gee

Tikki Gee is currently Deputy Director at MOH Holdings, the holding company of Singapore’s public healthcare assets. He leads the development and implementation of Singapore’s national Personal Health Management (PHM) strategy aimed at achieving patient-centred care and empowerment through the use of innovative web and mobile technologies. Tikki has over 15 years of work experience that includes senior management roles and has successfully delivered large information technology projects across the Asia-Pacific for Fortune 50 companies. He is a frequent speaker at international conferences on ehealth and mhealth. Tikki read Law and holds two Masters degrees from one of UK’s leading universities.


Shaun Koh

As Syinc’s Chief Troublemaker, Shaun focuses on creating unexpectedly delightful experiences: from experimenting with multidisciplinary collaboration concepts, writing deliciously readable copy, to developing asymmetrical product strategy. Working at the intersect between “traditional creative” experiences and innovative “disruptive” business models, he tries to ask (and answer) the difficult questions that build truly authentic cultures. He’s particularly fond of remixing analogous concepts to build seemingly obvious solutions. In his free time, he loves meeting folks who’re incredibly passionate about what they do – especially when it’s a completely serendipitous connection!



Bernise Ang

Founder of Syinc, a non-profit organization that cultivates the ability of young people to create a meaningful social change, Bernise works with young people to recognize their potential to positively impact society.  She currently serves in a change management role at a private equity firm and sits on the Advisory Board for Youth Action for Change and is also a Paragon Fellow of the Foundation of Youth Social Entrepreneurship.  With the objective to develop the ability of young people to create meaningful social change, she equips the youth with skills and resources and building support networks of community-minded peers. She won the Singapore Woman Award 2011.

Eugene Tay

Eugene is the Founder of Green Future Solutions, a Singapore-based business that promotes environmental awareness and action for our green future, through sustainability consulting and a network of green websites. He is a consultant, curator and maven who likes to share his environmental knowledge with businesses and people so that they can learn, understand and take action towards our green future. Eugene previously worked for the National Environment Agency on waste minimisation and recycling, taught Ecotourism at the Ngee Ann Polytechnic, and was the Regional Web Facilitator for Asia-Pacific LOHAS.

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