StarHub’s SmartFoundry Hackathon

StarHub organised the ‘Enterprise Communications Made Easy’ Hackathon on Saturday, 16th November, 2013 in partnership with UP Singapore. The hackathon brought together 100 participants including engineers, designers, developers and students, who were among the first in Singapore to use and create applications using the SmartFoundry telephony API.

In just seven hours, 14 teams turned their great ideas into working prototypes and presented them to an audience and a panel of judges at the StarHub SmartFoundry Hackathon. Congrats to the winning teams – Televate, MyHub, and PhoneBit!


Check out the winning presentations below!

Team Televate developed an easier alternative to automated voice menus. The user simply visits the website of the company he/she is trying to reach and is taken through a series of quick multiple choice questions that help them navigate to the department they’re trying to reach. The system then adds their phone number to the […]

Team MyHub developed a system that helps you avoid unwanted callers. The system makes anyone who calls your home answer a simple question that only a friend or a family member would know. Anyone who does not answer the question correctly is redirected to voicemail. The team also envisioned other possible voice and SMS applications […]



Team PhoneBit tackles the difficulty in using BitCoin, thereby hoping to promote mass adoption of the digital currency. They developed an SMS-based system that lets you check your Bitcoin account, and buy and sell Bitcoins directly from your phone.


Second Runner-up

Team Check-ins created an SMS queue ticket system to help users visit retailers without worrying about long queues. The customer, through a few SMSes is able to obtain a ticket number in a virtual queue for the business. The system then alerts the customer based on what queue position they are currently on and what […]


Honourable Mention



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