Smart Health coLAB

In a Smart Nation, we drive the management of healthy lifestyles and its integration with the healthcare system through the smart use of data and new technologies, both hardware and software.

Utilising Internet of Things and wearables makes self-management of health easier and cheaper, and paves the way for a connected health platform for consumers, healthcare professionals and providers.

We created a whole week of health-related activities from 11 to 16 May 2015 to bring the community together to ‘play’ with technology and data, create new use cases and demonstrate how the role of “Smart Health” addresses changes in demographics and lifestyles, particularly in areas of rising concern such as obesity and chronic diseases, care for our seniors, etc.

Everyone was welcome to join the coLAB – whether they are data scientists, behavioural psychologists, healthcare professionals, policy makers, technologists, designers, marketers, students, mums or dads.


This was a focused week of activities, packed with content and discussions. Participants were encouraged to come and discover, network and hack. They had the opportunity to learn from health professionals, tech and data experts and mentors.


Interested start-ups / SMEs and innovation teams in large corporates were invited to share their insights, case studies, data or technology at the events.


Tackling Chronic Diseases

Background Chronic conditions like Type 2 diabetes and hypertension are becoming more prevalent, with a significant portion of the patients being younger working adults. These worsening health trends can be explained by unhealthy lifestyle habits, which are directly linked to the chronic diseases. Fortunately, most chronic diseases can be prevented through behaviour changes, such as increasing physical activity, improving eating habits and adhering to medical advice/prescriptions. We already know that technology is a very useful tool for monitoring health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If applied correctly, it might be the key to solving Singapore’s health problems. Individuals and organisations around the world are already studying ways in which technology can help prevent chronic diseases, whether it is through data analytics, social networks or wearables.


• What technology solutions can we develop to drive adoption of healthy behaviours? • How can technology be utilised to prevent Type 2 diabetes and hypertension from taking hold?


• How can we use Smart Data / Big Data to rewrite our future of ill health? • How can data inform prototypes to prevent, slow or stop the progression of disease? What are the new ways of doing things we can explore and innovative services we can design and create?

Zuellig Switch Challenge

Background We all know we should better manage what we eat. Part of the problem is keeping track of the carbs, protein and fats we consume . We all start food logs with the best intentions but let’s face it the good intentions don’t last long!
Challenge How can we use technology or develop appropriate nudges so that people learn and make changes to their diets to their achieve goals. What can we do to make the necessary changes and stick to them.


While attendance at the Smart Health Futures or other workshops was not compulsory for the Health Hack, we recommended that participants attend the workshops they’re interested in to give them exposure to the topic. All participants were expected to abide by UP Singapore’s Code of Conduct.

Smart Health Futures Workshop

The coLAB kicked off with an introduction to the topics and issues related to health / Smart Health. And then we went deeper into chronic diseases, which relate to 48% of Singapore’s disease burden. Two of the biggest chronic diseases are hypertension and diabetes, both heavily influenced by lifestyle factors.
Programme Outline • Healthcare challenges and opportunities – by Balaji Venkatesan, Head of Product Development, Patient Solutions, Zuellig Pharma • The four pillars of health: Diet, Exercise, Mind and Sleep – by Dr. Steven Tucker, Tucker Medical • Understanding lifestyle-driven chronic diseases: Diabetes & Hypertension – by Dr. Ung Peck Huoy, Consultant, Tan Tock Seng Hospital • Digital health and the transformation of healthcare – by Julien de Salaberry, Chief Innovation Officer, The Propell Group
Date  Monday, 11 May 2015 Time  7 – 9pm Venue  237 South Bridge Road

Data and Tech Workshop

What new products and services can data, analytics and new technologies drive? How can Quantified Self – ‘quantifying’, recording and analysing measurements of oneself using smart phones, wearables, etc. – impact Smart Health? Tech leaders explained their technologies, APIs / SDKs, and case studies.
Programme OutlineQuantified Self – by Cillian Lyons from Quantified Self Singapore • Creating workforce sustainability using objective data and technology – by Dr. Florence Jennings, DetalyticsHolmusk case study – by Nawal Roy, CEO • Behavioural change through tech – by Prof. Theng Yin Leng, Professor, Division of Information Studies, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information College of Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences, NTU • Zensorium (Tinke and Being wearables) case study – by Juliana Chua, Principal (Business Innovation) • OurHealthMate case study – by Ayush Bharti, Consultant • DEX and APIs – by Aung Myint Thein, Project Director, DEXTRA / DEX • Idea sharing, networking and team matchmaking
Date  Tuesday, 12 May 2015 Time  7 – 9pm Venue  237 South Bridge Road

Smart Health Services Workshop

What does Health 2.0 look like? We invited start-ups / SMEs and corporates to share how they’ve pulled together technologies and data to address a particular challenge in the health space.
Programme Outline • Health systems and apps design – by Dr. Adam Chee, Chief Advocacy Officer, BinaryHealthCare • Switch (diabetes prevention programme) – by Balaji Venkatesan, Head of Product Development, Patient Solutions, Zuellig Pharma • ConnexionsAsia case study – by Rosaline Koo, Founder & CEO • AppiBuddy case study – by Laurent Chivallier, Founder & CEO, Apilinx • WANNA case study – by Philipp Kristian Diekhöner, MetLife futureLabSilverline – Mobile and smart home assisted living ecosystem for older adults – by Naing Maw, Project Director, Silverline and Mike Anderson, Partner, DataCraft • Idea sharing, networking and team matchmaking
Date  Thursday, 14 May 2015 Time  7 – 9pm Venue  237 South Bridge Road

Networking Night

As a precursor to the Smart Health Hack Day, we organised this session specially to give participants a chance to come together, discuss their ideas and form teams. It gave attendees the opportunity to engage with their fellow participants and start thinking about what they wanted to work on for the Hack Day.
Programme Outline • Idea sharing and networking/discussions • Informal team matchmaking
Date  Friday, 15 May 2015 Time  7 – 9pm Venue  237 South Bridge Road No registration required.

Smart Health Hack

The Smart Health Hack gave attendees the opportunity to meet passionate people working in digital health and the Health 2.0 movement, and form new connections with like-minded innovators. They also connected with technology gurus and expert developers, and share their expertise with the less experienced. The Hack was a “playground” for developers, start-up teams, and anyone interested in Smart Health to experiment with, play with a range of health data / APIs, technologies, devices, and demonstrate through their prototype how they might address the challenge.
Programme Outline • Breakfast and registration • Welcome and housekeeping • Idea pitching and team matchmaking • Hacking / rapid prototyping • Mentor / expert consultations start • Lunch • Team presentations • Result announcement & prize presentation • Cocktails
Date  Saturday, 16 May 2015 Time  9am – 7.30pm Venue  237 South Bridge Road Register Now


During the week, we brought in experts ranging from medical and healthcare professionals, to health-tech startups, to established healthcare organisations. Here are the mentors who were present during the Hack Day (Saturday) to help teams with their ideas, judges for the final presentations and speakers that we heard from.


Dr. Adam Chee, Chief Advocacy Officer, BinaryHealthCare Balaji Venkatesan, Head of Product Development, Patient Solutions, Zuellig Pharma Julien de Salaberry, Chief Innovation Officer, The Propell Group Bill Barman, Founder, Anantya Bill is very passionate about open source technology and now mostly works on Linux and iPhone/Mac OS x. Some of his current projects include working with startup company Silverline to develop a Linux based Bluetooth Low Energy and ZWave communications hub and fitness tracking website using Fitbit and Moves as part of a research study for a local university. In his spare time Bill builds gadgets and at previous Singapore Hackathon events he has built a number of Arduino based hardware prototypes. Niels Kemp Rasmussen, Founder & CEO, Kemp & Associates Niels is a senior professional with more than 20 years as a leader and innovator, having worked for several large MNCs in Europe and Asia, as well as leading large cross-cultural teams across Asia Pacific. Niels founded the specialist consultancy Kemp & Associates in 2010, focused on Behaviours & Change, providing consulting, advistory, training and coaching to a wide range of MNC clients world-wide. Niels delivers a unique understanding of organisations, their strategies, values and culture, combined with an equally sharp understanding of workspace, behaviours and change.  


Balaji Venkatesan, Head of Product Development, Patient Solutions, Zuellig Pharma Julien de Salaberry, Chief Innovation Officer, The Propell Group Eddy Chan, Marketing Technology Leader, Kimberly-Clark


Balaji Venkatesan, Head of Product Development, Patient Solutions, Zuellig Pharma
Balaji Venkatesan is currently heading product development for Zuellig Pharma Patient solutions. He is a staunch believer in the transformational nature of technology. Transformation of individuals and organisations are his key areas of interest. He has over 20 years of experience in business and technology. He is constantly looking for new ways in which technology can benefit businesses and individuals. He is also an active participant in the QS, Futurists & other tech groups. In this talk, Balaji will give a view into the many areas in which exponential technology is revolutionising healthcare.
Dr. Steven Tucker, Medical Director, Tucker Medical
Dr. Tucker is a leader in the transformation of healthcare. An alumnus of the FutureMed program at Singularity University (NASA, Ames), he is actively engaged across a broad range of disciplines including genomic and precision medicine, digital and mobile health, wearable technology, and patient engagement and empowerment. In 2006 he moved to Singapore to develop a global oncology clinical trials program and has made Singapore his permanent home. Dr. Tucker is also a sought after consultant to numerous stakeholders. He is the 1st Global Health Advisor for SingTel, a Clinical Consultant to genomics start-up InVitae, on the Scientific Advisory Board of InsideTracker, and an Advisor to Clinicast, a developer of big data oncology analytics, and Healint, a Singapore-based start-up using sensors, machine learning and big data for the management of chronic diseases.
Dr. Ung Peck Huoy, Consultant, Tan Tock Seng Hospital
Dr. Ung is a Senior Consultant physician at Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH), and a Specialist in Internal Medicine. Internal medicine involves the care of adults, including the prevention of illness and the management of complex illnesses. He is also a Clinical Senior Lecturer at the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, and a core faculty member for the Advance Internal Medicine Senior Residency Programme at TTSH. He is especially interested in how technology can improve healthcare.
Julien de Salaberry, The Propell Group
Julien is the founder of The Propell Group and has over 15 years of experience in healthcare with leading brands such as Eli Lilly, Boston Scientific, Baxter, GSK, and Merck & Co. He is also an advisor to startups and incubators in healthcare & technology in emerging high growth markets, as well as being a private investor in early stage and promising SMEs. He has recently co-written iDisrupted (published Nov 2014), which focuses on creating an understanding of the significant technological changes that are just beginning to reshape our daily lives. He is also, together with his partners, currently launching HealthStartups Asia, which aims to create greater momentum in the Asia healthtech space by raising the visibility of exciting new startups which have set out to transform health services by leveraging digital technology in the Asia-Pacific markets. Julien will provide a deeper look into the digital health space, in particular how sensors, algorithms and data are transforming healthcare.
Cillian Lyons, Project and Operations Lead, Nurun
Cillian is the project and operations lead at Nurun Singapore. Nurun is global design and technology consultancy. Part of the Publicis Groupe, Nurun thinks like a start-up, understands brands like an ad agency and creates products and services like an innovation firm. Established in Montreal in 2000, there are now 14 offices around the world. Cillian has more than 10 years of digital experience in Singapore, specialising in project management. He is a member of Quantified Self and other technology, UX, and data groups.
Dr. Florence Jennings, Detalytics
Dr. Jennings has over a decade of expertise regarding the effects of stress on medical personnel,having conducted research and interventions on physicians’ burnout in many hospitals and countries, focusing on sleep deprivation, physical activity and their impacts on stress hormones and health. Most recently, Dr. Jennings designed and facilitated Health Enhancement Programmes for over 300 medical students and other healthcare personnel at the NUS YLL School of Medicine, to asses and remediate physiological impacts of stress on health and functioning, using wearable devices. Dr. Jennings is currently the co-founder of Detalytics, an intelligent human capital management platform designed to monitor and assess biometric parameters and their impacts in relation to fatigue and health outcomes across individuals and teams in various professional business environments.
Nawal Roy, Founder & CEO, Holmusk
Nawal is Founder and CEO of Holmusk – a global tele-health platform. Prior to this, Nawal was Co-Founder and CEO of HelloPay (Rocket internet venture). Before leading HelloPay, Nawal was Junior Partner leading client advisory service line in McKinsey & Company. He has been deeply involved with serving clients across North American, Europe, South East Asia, India, China, Middle East & Africa.
Prof. Theng Yin Leng
Prof. Theng Yin Leng is Professor and Director at the Centre of Healthy and Sustainable Cities (CHESS) at the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, and Research Director at the Research Strategy and Coordination Unit (President’s Office), Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Her main research interest is to develop innovative tools, techniques, methods and models to assist in the design and evaluation of interactive systems/devices, making research relevant and impacting society. Professor Theng has more than 200 papers and publishes widely in top-tiered international journals and conferences.
Juliana Chua, Principal, Business Innovation, Zensorium
Juliana Chua is a founding member of Zensorium, and was appointed to her current role as Principal for Zensorium’s Business Innovation Group in 2011. At Zensorium, Juliana leads a team focused on executing business and marketing strategies to reach audiences, as well as to generate sales and distribution channels. Additionally, Juliana leads the Business Development and Intellectual Property Groups for Nitto Denko Asia in Singapore. Prior to Zensorium, Juliana was part of the intellectual property management team for Exploit Technologies, the commercial arm of Singapore Agency of Science Technology and Research (A*STAR). At Exploit Technologies, Juliana specialised in digital media, network security and database analytics portfolios. Juliana’s experience also includes working as a technology analyst at Spruson & Ferguson in Singapore, and also as an assistant patent analyst at IBM in the United Kingdom (UK).
Ayush Bharti, Strategy Consultant, OurHealthMate
Ayush Bharti is a strategy consultant with expertise in designing and executing strategies. He helps companies improve their resource utilizations in technology and operations. He has experience and insights across multiple industries including Healthcare; Infrastructure; and Banking. He is currently working at OurHealthMate, a medical appointment portal, where he has implemented projects resulting in increased operational efficiency by 70% through reallocation of resources and automation. He is now devising a strategy to increase OurHealthMate’s EMR market share.
Dr. Adam Chee, Founder & Chief Advocacy Officer, BinaryHealthCare
Dr. Adam CHEE is the Founder & Chief Advocacy Officer of BinaryHealthCare, a social enterprise serving to “Bridge the eHealth Divide” by enabling sustainable innovation in patient-centered care through stakeholders empowerment to achieve context-effective adoption of Digital Health as an enabler. A recognised Subject Matter Expert, Adam holds faculty positions at institutes of higher learning in the region, which included an Associate Professorship (Health Informatics), has published 3 books, numerous articles and frequently advises & speaks at international conferences. Adam is a Fellow of HIMSS (FHIMSS) and the Australasia College of Health Informatics (FACHI).
Rosaline Koo, Founder, & CEO, CXA
Rosaline Koo is the founder & CEO of CXA, Asia’s first insurance wellness marketplace. CXA acquired Singapore’s largest homegrown employee benefits brokerage and has institutional funding to expand to 12 countries across Asia. Rosaline has 25 years of P&L and operational experience leading start-ups & corporate turnarounds in Asia & the US, delivering significant growth through launching new business models, products, countries & distribution channels. She supervised P&G factory lines in Iowa before working in 8 different roles during her 8 years at Bankers Trust Company in New York. Rosaline launched two technology start-ups in Asia during the dot-com boom, before moving to her client ACE to lead alternative distribution channels for A&H insurance. She also ran Mercer Marsh Benefits’ 14 countries across Asia Pacific, growing the business by 800% over 8 years.
Laurent Chivallier, CEO and Founder, APLINIX
Laurent is the CEO and founder of APILINX Pte Ltd. Prior to this he held several management positions at SingTel respectively in the International Group, Group Corporate Strategy and Group Digital L!fe. Recently, Laurent served as Director Regional TV and OTT (Over-The-Top) Video to create regional multi-screens video services combining new monetization and gamification strategies. In addition, Laurent created and launched the very first Android Operator Tray for Low-cost Smartphones dedicated to emerging markets. He started in mHealth back in 2004 with Philips Electronics and participated in the creation of Continua health alliance. His remote patient monitoring iPhone app and wireless wearable sensor received a prize for “most innovative startup” from GSM Association at the 2009 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
Philipp Kristian Diekhöner, Senior Manager Innovation, MetLife
A passionate believer in the art and science of integrative thinking, Philipp shapes beautiful alternatives to the status quo through the alchemy of brand and business innovation – reimagining the way we interact with brands and businesses. Known for his empathy-driven and high-energy rhetoric, Philipp has spoken on a variety of topics, including Customer Experience, Brand Trust, Digital Transformation, Design Thinking, Innovation Strategy, Business Model Design and Brand Innovation. A frequent contributor to top publications, he enjoys sharing the latest industry thought leadership. As a trusted adviser to Singapore’s most audacious entrepreneurs and organizer of a regional start-up event series, he is deeply invested in shaping the future of Asia and fostering his reputation as an emerging digital strategy, innovation and customer experience leader in the region.
Mike Anderson, Co-founder, Datacraft
Mike Anderson is a consultant and entrepreneur experienced in digital healthcare, artificial intelligence and technology strategy. As a co-founder of Datacraft, he has worked extensively with Singapore’s Ministry of Health Holdings defining the future healthcare IT architecture and strategy. Mike was previously a senior consultant at McKinsey & Company where he led the global service line for software development processes, and was a leader of McKinsey’s healthcare IT consulting work in the UK. Mike is a also dedicated contributor to the open source / free software movement and leads an open community developing numerical computing capabilities for the Clojure programming language.

Data & APIs

We collated a number of public and private datasets and APIs for the participants. Check out the list below of health, wellbeing and fitness-related APIs that were available for participants to use for the Smart Health Hack. At the coLAB, participants were also be able to plug into the datasets and APIs hosted on DEX via the DEX API.

Steps to getting access to datasets:

1. Create an account on 2. Use keywords like “Smart Health” and “healthcare” to search. 3. Request access from private organisations. If you have any questions about the datasets or getting access, please email

Fitness & Activity Tracker APIs

FitBit – Wearable activity tracker that measures number of steps, quality of sleep, and other personal metrics • Jawbone – Wearable activity tracker that records sleep, eating habits, and daily activity including steps taken and calories burned • Nike – Measure movement and track progress with data from Nike+ Fuelband and Nike+ Running app • MyFitnessPal – Calorie counter, diet and exercise log • Moves – Activity diary that automatically records distance, duration, steps, calories for any walking, cycling, and running you do. • and many more to come!

Food & Nutrition APIs

FatSecret – Food diary to record calorie intake and nutrition • BigOven – Recipe database / organiser, menu planner and grocery lister creator • FoodCare – Personalised nutrition guidance, access to nutrition facts and personalised consumer insights for food items • FoodEssentials – Aggregates and analyses food labels for allergens, additives, ingredient, claims, etc. • and many more to come!

Healthcare & Medical APIs

Apple Healthkit – Platform for sharing health data, such as steps, oxygen, sleep levels, medical history etc. • drchrono – Electronic health record and practice management solution • Human API – Enables secure sharing of health data from medical records, wearable sensors, testing services, and wellness devices and apps • NightScout – Remote monitoring of the T1D’s glucose level using existing monitoring devices • and many more to come!


To help participants get up to speed with the current trends in digital health and opportunities for disease prevention with technology and behaviour change, we compiled an extensive report especially for this coLAB! Read this report for a solid foundation on where the healthcare industry in Singapore is at today, and where it’s headed.
Also, to get participants thinking about how we can use data and technology to tackle the top chronic issues facing Singapore right now (Type 2 diabetes and hypertension), we collated the following articles that present insights into the themes and help uncover the opportunities available:


[TODAYOnline] 3 in 10 Singaporeans have diabetes before turning 40 [TODAYOnline] Psychological burden weighs down patients with diabetes: Study [TODAYOnline] Younger diabetics manage condition less well than older patients: Study [WIRED] Diabetes Patients Are Hacking Their Way Toward a Bionic Pancreas


[] Hypertension in the Asia-Pacific region [WHO SEA Regional Office] Preventing hypertension in an increasingly urbanized, globalized world [mHealthNews] A national mHealth project targets hypertension [EHR Intelligence] Healthcare analytics reduces hypertension for KPNC patients

Presentations at Workshops

Access the speakers’ slides from this week’s workshops here.



Check out the winning ideas from the coLAB!

Team Stickers combined technology and family support to create a solution that makes achieving health-related goals a fun and collaborative task.


Team Stickers combined technology and family support to create a solution that makes achieving health-related goals a fun and collaborative task.

Team PictoTracker created a food tracking app that uses image recognition, geolocation and gamification.

Team A&D created a solution that will help people track their health in a more holistic way.

Team Food Snap created a fun and easy way to increase adherence to diet and lifestyle modifications.

Team Retro created a mobile app that allows users to explore fun ways to exercise, such as mass dancing.


CapitaLand Prize
$2,000 Zuellig Switch Challenge Winner
Unilever Scale Up Battle
4 x $500 4 Other Prizes



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