SingTel Accelerator Challenge

Launched on 25 August 2014, the SingTel Accelerator Challenge was an open invitation to startups and developers,

who are building the next big app to partner with SingTel to take their apps to market in 2015

Hack Day


After registrations opened on 25 August, teams and start-ups that were interested in the challenge were invited to attend Hack Day on 6 September 2014.

Hack Day attracted 117 participants. Among them were 20 teams.

The day started off with an API workshop where experts from SingTel showcased SingTel’s API platform – the Identity, Communication and Payments APIs that participants could integrate into their applications or services. After the workshop, participants could choose to further consult with API mentors to learn more about them. This was followed by a Samsung SDK workshop in the afternoon.

19 teams had the opportunity to do a two-minute demo / elevator pitch session after which Teams EasyCityNet, Big Spoon and SportOn won the first ($1,000), second ($250) and third ($250) prizes respectively.

Clinic Day


The shortlisted 20 teams were then invited to Clinic Day, where they had the opportunity to pitch their apps for the chance to move on to the final round of the challenge.

Pitch Day


In the final phase of the challenge, the 10 finalist teams pitched their apps,
on Pitch Day, 20 October, out of which three winners were selected.

Check out the winners, and finalists’ presentations in the Teams Tab


For the first time ever, SingTel made available a wide array of APIs that enable developers to embed functionality and usefulness into their own app.

The following APIs were made available:

Communication: Send SMS, MMS, emails to users and query for their network location.

Payments: Securely process payments quickly and easily with our Payment API.

Identity: Connect your users with the system to use our Payment and Communications API.


Check out the finalists from the challenge.

Fiuzu personalises users’ travel itinerary based on their interests and budgets. It also provides directions and schedules optimal visit times for a fuss-free, relaxed travel experience.


First Prize and Samsung Prize Winner

BigSpoon turns smartphones into personal waiters. Users can place an order with their smartphones at any participating restaurant. This helps food businesses reduce manpower and customers save waiting time.



Sovou is a social vouchers app enables users to share, manage and claim vouchers on the go. This will help bargain hunters discover and share discounts and provide a platform for companies to distribute vouchers over social media.


Second Runner-up

With CutQ, customers can order and pre-pay for their food and beverage before arriving at the store. This helps them save time and avoid long queues.



Folr is focused on helping people keep up with each others locations through permission tracking. We also try to make this frictionless.



Inkcase and its related apps.

PeerPledge is an instant crowdfunding service that allows users to seek funds from family and friends. It empowers people who lack access to basic financial services such as consumers in developing countries, youth without bank or credit accounts.

Ticket Fast Fast is an e-ticketing app for tourist attractions in Singapore, allowing users to beat queues and buy tickets anywhere, anytime.

TopTime is a ticket management platform that allows users to verify their tickets or vouchers with their smartphone. With TopTime, users can avoid the hassle of picking up physical tickets at counters or wait for delivery. They can also avoid frustrating queues, as TopTime eliminates the need for bar or QR code scans at event […]



Umbala creates and shares 12-second motion videos by combining recorded sound with motion. – Site:



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