UP Singapore 2012

At the UP Singapore 2012 hackathon, over 200 of the country’s most engaged citizens formed 30 teams and collaborated for an intensive 48-hour event to respond to challenges posted online in advance by engaged citizens, corporates, non-profits and government agencies.

Hackathon judge and UP co-creator Peter Hirshberg said, “Singapore is the most smartphone-rich city in the world which makes it an excellent environment to test urban innovations. Singaporean companies have also facilitated a global first by providing access to private data, ranging from taxi insight to building data; this has really set the benchmark for this movement, building on what was pioneered in San Francisco last year, and showing the world what’s possible”



Prior to UP Singapore 2012, we invited experts from all over Singapore – industry leaders, social entrepreneurs, government officials and more – to frame the urban challenges that Singapore faces.

The teams were invited to contribute, participate and take up various challenges that look to solve problems across these five key themes:

• Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) • Design and Creative Arts • Tourism and Creativity • Effective Transportation • Community Involvement



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