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Health UP, a 2 day hackathon, was held from the 17th-19th of May 2013, to tackle the issues of diabetes management and workplace health. Attracting over 180 participants, Health UP brought together healthcare professionals, developers and designers, all working to create solutions to help Singaporeans maintain and lead healthier lives.

During the week leading up to the hackathon, participants had the chance to attend a series of talks by experts, at the Healthcare and Technical workshops. Participants had access to an array of technologies and data and were given the chance to connect with each other and take part in a brainstorming session. This resulted in some brilliant ideas, providing inspiration for the hackathon itself.

The Health UP Hackathon provided a platform for participants to experiment with data and use technology in creative ways to raise health standards in Singapore. In just 48 hours, 14 teams came up with original prototypes that we hope will contribute to this. Check out all the winning teams and get inspired!

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Managing Diabetes

Singapore has one of the highest rates of diabetes in the developed world. However, the disease is manageable and, in the case of Type 2 diabetes, even preventable. Participants were given access to the latest in health devices and data in order to create solutions that will not just help patients manage their disease better but actually live better.

Workplace Stress and Wellness

The work environment for healthcare professionals puts them at high risk—long hours, high stress and poor diet lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. Participants were asked to leverage mobile applications, personal health data, and social media to enable our healthcare workers to protect their own health while they protect ours?


Some questions to brainstorm potential solutions with -


1.What are easy ways for diabetics and healthcare workers track their habits, health statistics and daily activities?

2.What data is most important to track when it comes to managing diabetes or staying healthy on the job?

3.What are some unexpected combinations of data that can provide health insights?

Behaviour Change

1. Can we encourage diabetics and healthcare workers to live healthier lives by making healthy activities simple or rewarding?

2. Can data be presented in novel ways that lead to better decision-making?

3. How can we convert health-promoting activities into habits?


1.How do we leverage social media to create positive reinforcement for behavior change?

2. Can data comparisons within a community be used to change behavior?


At Health UP, we’ve collected a fantastic array of technology and data. Keep reading for a short description of the various datasets from the public and private sector.


Consists of 54 months (September 2009 – April 2013) of continuous glucose monitoring readings from a patient with type 1 diabetes, with additional carbohydrate intake information and insulin pump calculations.

This is possibly the most complete, high quality diabetes data set in the world.

Diabetes Management Integrated Technology Research Initiative (DMITRI)

Seventeen people with type 1 diabetes used insulin pumps, CGMs, and other sensors for heart rate, physical activity, and sleep for three or four days. They also photographed their meals and snacks for annotation. The resulting datasets paint detailed personalized pictures of diabetes physiology under real-world conditions including different kinds of exercise.

Health Promotion Board

Detailed breakdown of the risk factors of 10,000 respondents, as recorded by the national Healthy Lifestyle Index.


Geospatial and time-series data around Singapore’s dengue cluster, covering the 1st quarter of 2013 and 2012. For comparison, more dengue cases have been recorded in Q1 2013 than the entirety of 2012.

Ci8 Social Media Research and Insight

Social media updates from Singapore covering the topics of diabetes, stress, tropical disease, and more. Close to 1 million records across a variety of social media sources including Twitter, Facebook and popular discussion forums.


  • Elizabeth Snouffer, Editor, International Diabetes Federation
  • Dr. Florence Hamou-Jennings, Research Scientist
  • Dr Steven Tucker, Internist and Medical Oncologist
  • Dr Warren Lee, Senior Consultant in the KK Children’s Hospital
  • Tikki Gee, Deputy Director, MOH Holdings
  • Jek Fong, Medtronic Diabetes, Product Specialist
  • Xavier Conort, Principal Research Engineer in Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R)
  • Lawrence Wee, Group Leader for Biomedical Analytics at the Institute for Infocomm Research
  • Yin Shanyang, Swarm
  • Benjamin Loh, Senior Executive for Digital and Direct Marketing, HPB
  • Dr Eugene Shum, Chief Corporate Development Officer at the Eastern Health Alliance (EHA)
  • Yoann Sapanel, Manager, Business Model Innovation, Medtronic
  • Justin Chua, Principal GeoSpatial Consultant, SLA
  • Juliana Bahadin, Director, SingHealth Polyclinic
  • Evelyn Chin,
  • Dr.Robert Sloan,
  • Ville Oehman,
  • Sundeep Lal, Deputy Director, MOH Holdings
  • Brenda Tan, Co-Founder, Gametize
  • Bryan Lee, Co-FOunder, Intraix
  • Jacqueline Tay, Strategy, Business Development, and Business Model Innovation, Medtronic
  • Jeannie Kwok,
  • Jek Fong, Medtronic
  • Kwok Pin Chin, Medtronic


Check out the winning presentations below!

A powerful predictive model that leverages neural networks to forecast the impact of food and activity on a diabetic’s glucose level and can recommend preventative action. Designed to be scalable and run on anything from enterprise level down to a simple smartphone.


Medtronic Challenge Winner

An integrated platform that educates diabetic children through gaming, helps them manage their condition, connects them with other similar children and allows their parents and doctors to monitor their progress.

Sugar Craft

Medtronic Challenge Winner

An online social community that allows diabetics to connect with people with similar characteristics like them, track their important health stats and provide support and monitoring for friends.


Medtronic Honourable Mention

An integrated dashboard that allows CEOs and HR departments to monitor the health of their organization and the impact of wellness programs by leveraging HPB’s Health Living Index.


HPB Challenge Winner



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