Food from the Heart Challenge

Volunteers from Food from the Heart collect unsold bread from over 100 bakeries daily and deliver it to over 150 welfare homes and 28 self-collection centres. Whenever the volunteers are unable to make a collection or delivery, or the bakeries have no surplus bread to donate, they have to call a hotline. The operator has to reschedule and reroute volunteers, which is a big operational burden that prevents the organisation from expanding the service. Food from the Heart would like to have an application that helps the hotline operator alert volunteers to find last-minute replacements and allows available volunteers to ‘claim’ jobs based on their locations.

NVPC Challenge

Vertical Kampong is an initiative by the National Volunteer Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) that aims to raise the Kampong Spirit by promoting neighbourhood-based volunteerism and ‘Community Mapping’, which involves engaging and mapping local residents and ‘hotspots’. The Challenge is to create an application that facilitates the collection, visualisation and sharing of information and insights into communities.

Red Cross Challenge

The Red Cross has five service areas: Community Services, First Aid Training, Blood Donor Recruitment, International Response and Disaster Relief.For this Challenge, we focus on solutions to enable efficient resource mobilisation within the two Community Services areas, namely Transport Aid and Community First-Aid. By increasing efficiency through mapping and routing ambulances / transporters or better managing volunteer first-aiders, for example, we enable Red Cross to serve more people in need.

SG Enable Challenge

SG Enable is an agency dedicated to enabling persons with disabilities. The Challenge is to collect more information on and celebrate the myriad of actions and activities already happening in the community as we work towards a more inclusive society; and to locate and match volunteers, persons with disabilities and even their caregivers based on proximity and capabilities or needs.