E3 (Energy Efficiency for Everyone) Hackathon

E3 (Energy Efficiency for Everyone) Hackathon, organized by UP Singapore and co-sponsored by the Energy Market Authority and Singapore Power, was a 2 day hackathon held from 27 – 29 September 2013 attracting over 150 participants over the weekend.

The E3 hackathon brought together energy experts, developers, designers and researchers to co-create new prototypes to help create solutions to encourage energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption ins Singapore!

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Energy demand is on the rise and energy efficiency innovation in Singapore could reduce energy consumption in Singapore’s residential sector and help support environmental sustainability.

CHALLENGE – Create prototype applications to encourage energy efficiency and conservation in Singapore’s residential sector.

Participants are encouraged to create mobile applications or web-based prototypes and solutions to tackle the challenge statement. The methods suggested could be fun and be easily used by everyone from the young to the old! Suggestions on how to use energy data to encourage energy-efficient behaviours and reduce energy usage in Singapore’s households could include: • Increasing awareness on energy issues and keeping everyone informed about the impact of their energy consumption patterns on their pockets and the environment. • Raising awareness and encouraging actions to reduce one’s energy usage and carbon footprint. To also enjoy cost savings as a result of lower energy consumption. • Encouraging users to make permanent and sustainable behavioural changes to reduce energy usage. For example, reducing the use of the air-con. • Encouraging energy-efficient behaviours to use energy in a productive way. For example, using the air-con temperature at 25° C instead of a lower temperature. • Helping users monitor and quantify positive steps they are taking to become more energy-efficient. • Motivating users to make informed choices and adopt energy conservation habits via peer motivation – by enabling them to connect and compare their energy usage with peers. • Helping users improve their ability to monitor, track and manage one’s energy consumption. • Leveraging technologies to support energy efficiency in homes.


For the first time in Singapore, participants will get to work with exclusive anonymised gas and electricity consumption data. This dataset is the largest, most granular ever made available for a hackathon in Singapore and includes over 1.5 million anonymised accounts. Participants will have access to more than 24 million electricity records and 8 million gas records, spanning 36 months. In addition, there are over 12 million electricity records at half-hourly resolution, over a period of 8 months.

These incredible datasets will be complemented by data from a wide array of sources including the National Environment Agency, Housing Development Board and Ministry of Finance.


  • Chee Hong Tat, CEO, EMA
  • Wong Chit Sieng, Group Chief Information Officer, SP
  • Anton Finenko, Analyst, Energy Studies Institute, National University of Singapore
  • Bernard Nee, Assistant Chief Executive, Energy Planning and Development Division, EMA
  • Sarah J. Montgomery, Director of Client Solutions, Asia, OPower
  • Samantha Peart, Sustainable Design Consultant, Ove Arup
  • Bryan Lee, Co-Founder, Intraix
  • Markku Lepistö, APAC Technology Evangelist, AWS
  • Ivan Tan, Director of Planning and Chief Data Officer, EMA
  • Ong Yu Hui, Analyst, EMA
  • Zulkifli Bin Samuri, Assistant Manager, Energy Efficiency and Conservation, NEA
  • Koh Hui Shan, Senior Analyst, EMA
  • John Chong, Principal Analyst, EMA
  • Poh Wei Chian, Research and Statistics Unit, EMA


Check out the winning presentations below!

Team Wish Lit developed a mobile app that allows the user to determine how much energy one needs to save to purchase a desired item.

Team Energy Saving Champions developed a web-based community platform that allows school-going children to compare and compete on how energy efficient they are at home and in class.

Team Efficionado developed a DIY kit that can be rented, which allows users to review their household appliances’ energy consumption.

The Lucky Five developed a web application to incentivise energy efficiency by comparing energy consumptions with neighbours.

The Lucky Five

IDA Prize Winner

Team Feedback developed an app for data visualization of energy bills and consumption.


EMA/Singapore Power Data Innovation Challenge Prize Winner

Team Power Heroes developed an energy saving app that uses real time visualization and gamification of plug data.

Power Heroes

EMA/Singapore Power Data Innovation Challenge Prize Winner



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