Data Discovery Challenge

The Data Discovery Challenge was organised to look for innovative solutions to help open Singapore’s wealth of data and discover new insights! The Challenge sought to encourage the use of a wide range of private and public datasets to discover new value and benefits towards enabling smarter enterprises and improve how we live, work, learn and interact in Singapore.

Participants accessed useful datasets and resources such as capability building workshops and industry experts advice. The participants included members from the business community – data scientists, analysts, enthusiasts, application developers and technology solution providers.

For this challenge, participants were required to create data mash-up using at least one private dataset from this registry and integrate it with public or private datasets from the registry or any other sources to develop useful applications, innovate new products and services, or even foster new business models. The broad themes of this challenge were to increase efficiency or productivity of an enterprise or an industry vertical, develop a new revenue stream or business model, or to improve the way we live, work, learn and interact.

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Participants should conduct data mash-up using at least one private dataset from the Federated Dataset Registry to develop workable prototype data visualisation, mobile or web applications.

When using external datasets, they should acquire permission and provide attribution to the origin and owner.

Accessing Datasets on the Federated Dataset Registry

Click here to download a PDF for instructions to view and access the data on the Federated Dataset Registry.

Click here to access public datasets from

Intel’s Mashery API Network is available here.

We also encourage participants to bring datasets that your organisation has been accumulating. If you would like to list these datasets in the Federated Dataset Registry, please refer to this factsheet for more information. Alternatively, you can download the Dataset Registry Software by following the steps on



Important Dates


Challenge launch & data workshop

11 December 2014

Tech workshop

8 January 2015

Submissions close

26 January 2015

Finals & Awards Ceremony

5 February 2015

Judging Criteria

Effective use of data to enhance value(30%)

a. Data Visualisation
• Does it tell a story or illustrate a probable scenario? • Does it lead to discovery of new and valuable insights, predictive analysis and useful applications?

b. Mobile/Web App
• Does it enable user to make better-informed decisions? • Does it enhance customer experience, increase profitability and operational efficiency, and/or open new business models/opportunities?


Innovative and Impactful(40%)

• How innovative is the solution proposed? • How significant is the problem to be solved, benefit of the product developed or the opportunity created?


Business case – feasibility, sustainability and market potential(30%)

• Is the solution practical? • Is there an addressable market? • Is the business case sustainable?


Decision Architect

Winner & SingTel Smart Nation Award

This projects aims to perform data visualisation to reveal discernible trends and patterns from the given dataset to enable business owners to ask the right questions to develop better business strategies based on the landscape of human flows over different areas of interest.


Compare Route

Runner-up and Best Business Concept Winner

CompareRoute allows users to optimise their travel/delivery routes by comparing their current total route distance with the custom Urban Dynamic Routing Algorithm. The route visualisation aspect of CompareRoute helps delivery planners incorporate truck capacity and time window considerations to minimise resource use for not just eCommerce companies, but any company with deliveries.


Data Rookies

Second Runner-up

This service proposes an alternate tourist attraction based on a proximity radius within walking distance. It required both push and pull factors. Push factors at initial attractions will report one of the crowd situation through footfall data and pull factors will suggest relevant alternative attractions that are “oh so close”.



Best Business Concept Winner

A smartphone application which aggregates information about the current queue times at each polyclinic, as well as the traffic conditions and travel times between the user’s current location and his nearby polyclinics. This project aims to make information about the queues lengths at the various polyclinics in Singapore more accessible to potential visitors.



First Prize


First Prize

Second Prize


Second Prize

Third Prize


Third Prize

Best Use of Open Data

2 x $500

Best Business Concept

Best Tech


SingTel Smart Nation Innovation Award

Best Design


One Map Prize

IIPL Technopreneur Programme

Top 3 winners will be offered a place in this programme whereby enterprising entrepreneurs, innovators and start-ups can look forward to receive business coaching and hands-on technical coaching to further develop promising ideas. During the coaching period, winning teams will also be provided with access to co-working space.



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