A Liveable and Sustainable City

Singapore has developed housing schemes that provides good quality and affordable homes, while managing population growth. We have also become a clean and green ‘garden city’, long before “climate change” came into the lexicon.

The Pioneer Generation, a First-World Economy

In the 1960s, Singapore was a developing country with poor infrastructure and limited capital. National industrialisation programmes began with labour-intensive manufacturing industries attracting foreign capital and MNCs, but today it has seen a shift to high-tech and digital-based industries.

A Healthy and Active Nation

Increasing wealth and knowledge have provided Singaporeans with much healthier lives whether through disease prevention and treatment or adoption of active pursuits to prevent diseases. The launch of the Singapore Sports Hub seeks to increase the number of active Singaporeans.

The Global Hub and Gateway City

Singapore is the hub for ships from all around the world, with over 1,000 ships in the Singapore waters every day. We also welcome tourists and business travellers flying in from all over the world, visiting Singapore’s many attractions or participating in world-leading events.