Reduce Littering

Sporting and Leisure Events

Singapore is a hub for international events – sporting events like SEA Games, and concerts etc. that attract many attendees. How can we galvanise everyone to help keep our public spaces like stadiums, sports venues, event locations etc. clean? How can we encourage and remind event-goers to bin their litter properly?



Public cleanliness is important not only during events, but at all times, as litter creates an eyesore and clogs up our drains. It affects public health and our quality of life. Through the years, we have come to rely on cleaners to pick up after us. As we collectively impact the cleanliness of our neighbourhoods and share the use of our public spaces, we all need to play a part in maintaining them. How can we get our neighbours to take action in keeping our shared spaces clean?

Challenge: Reduce and Recycle Waste

Singapore’s overall recycling rate was 60% in 2014 and only 19% of the waste generated by households is recycled. A significant increase is needed in order to achieve the target of 70% overall recycling rate by 2030. At the same time, a large number of litter left behind at public events were single-use disposables such as drink bottles, cans and ponchos, while waste generated at home typically include recyclables, such as paper / plastic packaging, drink bottles and biscuit / milk tins.How can we educate and remind event-goers and residents alike to reduce the use of disposables, reuse and / or recycle their waste responsibly?