Clean & Green Hackathon 2

The Clean & Green Hackathon , organised by the National Environment Agency, in partnership with UP Singapore was a 2 day hackathon that brought together more than 200 participants over the weekend of 8th to 10th November, including a pre-hackathon workshop on 6th November to create solutions to better conserve and protect our environment under the four main themes of Air Quality, Dengue Prevention, Public Cleanliness & Recycling.

A total of 15 prototypes were created in just 48 hours, totalling over 2000 hours of work. The winners were Teams CleanSing, Climatological Dengue Prediction, ReuseCycle, RecycleBot, EcoNiko, BinCleaner & BotScan.


Check out the winning presentations below!

Team RecycleBots created a double winning prototype which uses sound to detect materials and teaches users what they can or cannot recycle!


Hackathon Winner and StarHub Challenge Winner

Team CleanSing developed a citizen feedback based prototype, concentrating on cleanliness prediction and optimization for communities in Singapore.


Runner Up and Data Innovation Challenge Winner

Team Botscan developed a game to motivate people to recycle plastic bottles through a multi-player game which offers perks for real-life recycling!



Team BinCleaner created NFC dustbins to prevent over-flowing bins which reward people for “tapping” the bins with their phones and informing staff to clear the bins.



Team Climatological Dengue Prevention created a preventative model for dengue pattern detection, using temperature, cloud cover, wind-speed and rainfall data.

Climatological Dengue Prevention

Data Innovation Challenge Winner

Team ReuseCycle created a P2P platform to connect users to exchange e-waste and build a community.


OneMap Prize Winner

Team EcoNiko created a food waste recycling station, comprising of a website and hardware which rewards users with points for recycling food waste. Points can be redeemed for discounts on the website!


StarHub Challenge Runner-up



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