Active Ageing Hackathon

The “Active Ageing Hackathon” was a 2 day hackathon from Aug 16-18 2013 focusing on how we can use technology to help seniors lead healthy, active and independent lives as they age, and continue to be valued and contributing members in their communities. This event was organized by UP Singapore in partnership with the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) and StarHub Community.

Attracting over 120 participants, the weekend brought together seniors, youths, experts and researchers in geriatrics, healthcare professionals, designers and developers.

During the week leading up to the hackathon, participants had the chance to attend a series of talks by experts at the Active Ageing workshop. Participants had access to an array of technologies and data and were given the chance to connect with each other during the workshop. This resulted in some brilliant ideas, providing inspiration for the hackathon itself.

In just 36 hours, 15 teams used the Active Ageing Hackathon as a platform to came up with original prototypes that use data and technology in creative ways to help seniors live more healthy, connected lives in Singapore.

Our Partners




Care Pack Wellbeing Challenge, Newton Circus

Care Pack enriches the daily life of seniors by providing smartphone apps that are custom designed to meet their needs. For this challenge, we would like to use external sensors (wearable technology, or smart devices in the home) to provide even smarter services to our seniors. Participants will be challenged to create prototypes that : • Make use of external sensors to deliver an innovative solution that improves the wellbeing of seniors. Opportunity for the winning app to be added to and marketed with the Care Pack apps, and potential seed investment of up to S$10,000.

Silver Spring / Pwee Foundation Challenge

By tapping into the wealth of experience and knowledge that seniors possess, many individuals, companies and institutions stand to benefit. Seniors should be encouraged to seek employment, either paid or voluntary, allowing them to earn extra income as well as share their expertise with younger generations. Participants will be challenged to create prototypes that : • Use technology to capture and transfer the work experience and skills of seniors. Opportunity to receive potential seed investment of up to S$10,000 from Pwee Foundation.

Volunteerism Challenge

To build a society that is accepting and inclusive, avenues for inter-generational interaction are key. They promote understanding and bonding, helping to reduce social barriers that seniors often face. Such interactions can also help alleviate less positive perceptions society holds towards the older generation. Can you use technology to increase senior volunteerism in the community?

Suntec Singapore Visualization Challenge

Teams that create the most innovative data visualizations will be invited to display them on Suntec Conference & Exhibition Center’s ‘BIG PICTURE’. Three stories high and 60 meters wide, the BIG PICTURE is the largest HD LED screen in the world. This is a chance for Mathematicians, Data Visualizers & Creative Teams to have their work displayed to the thousands of conference goers, office workers and shoppers that pass through Suntec Singapore every day.


Participants will have access to interesting, new data sets including : • Individual Giving Survey Data from the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC). • Singapore Memory Project data from the National Library Board. • OneMap demographic data from Singapore Land Authority (SLA). • Healthy Lifestyle Index data from Health Promotion Board (HPB).


  • Laurence Lien, CEO, NVPC
  • Darren Choo, StarHub
  • Helen Lim, Silver Spring
  • Eleanor Yap, Founder, Ageless Online
  • Dr.Steven Tucker, Internist and Medical Oncologist
  • Pin Sym Foong, User Experience and Technology Design Researcher
  • Sam Liu Chien, StarHub Golden Guru
  • Dora Lim Jeck Kiau, StarHub Golden Guru
  • Paul Low, StarHub Golden Guru
  • Benjy Tan, StarHub Golden Guru


Check out the winning presentations below!

An innovative, location-based Food Donation mobile platform that facilitates and improves the efficiency of public food donations to needy seniors. Square Meals utilises NFC, QR code and Smartphone technology to enable Citizens to easily purchase meal credits for under-served seniors in their local community. The seniors are notified of this charitable gift via an SMS […]

Square Meals

NVPC Social Challenge Winner

SmartButton is a neat tool that streamlines and automates multi-step application tasks for Seniors, so they can enjoy useful, everyday applications with ease. For example, seniors will be able to make Skype calls, or set up LinkedIn accounts with a simple touch of a SmartButton. SmartButton can be programmed and purchased for any number of […]


NVPC Social Challenge Runner-up

Game & reward points platform to encourage intergenerational engagement and volunteerism between Youths & Seniors.


NVPC Social Challenge Honourable Mention

70% of falls for seniors occur in the home, often resulting in loss of mobility and independence. EyeRise is a home sensor system designed to prevent falls that occur when seniors wake up in the middle of the night. The system uses low-cost Mobile and Sensor technology and Neural Networks to detect when a senior […]


Care Pack Wellbeing Challenge Winner

A non-intrusive emergency monitoring system that uses low-cost smartphones and sound-event classification technology to detect elderly screams for help. SoundEye triggers an alert to a caregiver’s smartphone; the caregiver can listen to an audio playback of the triggering sound and determine the most appropriate action (e.g. calling the senior, for an ambulance, etc.)


Care Pack Wellbeing Challenge Runner-up



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