Energy & Environment Hackathon
Friday 25th – Sunday 27th January @ NUS U Town view map and directions

The Enery & Environment hackathon scientists, architects, sustainability experts, economists, researchers, government employees, developers, programmers, & creatives to create innovative new ways to conserve resources, protect our environment and make Singapore a greener place to live!

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Participants will be challenged to create solutions that drive behaviour change and quantify the impact of individual actions as a part of the  Earth Hour “I Will If You Will” challenge. Andy Ridley, Co-Founder of Earth Hour will be giving the keynote address on Friday, asking participants to create applications that could become the flagship app for Earth Hour.

We have extended the scope of our Data Sandbox by including data from NEA and other agencies, which are rarely available publicly. Using the data sandbox available, participants will also be challenged to test out latest technology to help individuals and businesses optimise energy usage, and tackle environmental challenges with creative solutions that will help  Singapore become ‘A City in a Garden’.

Finally, everyone will be given the opportunity to utilize the impressive technology on offer from Samsung, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and SAP, including SAP HANA One (an in-memory computing platform, hosted on AWS’s public cloud) and SAP Visual Intelligence, a powerful query and visualization tool.

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Hackathon Weekend – 25th-27th January 2013
Venue: Ngee Ann Kongsi Auditorium, NUS University Town, 1 Create Way, Singapore 138602 (Map and directions)
Registration Fee: $15 

The weekend is designed to be a fun, inspiring way to collaborate with smart, like-minded people on how we can reduce our environmental impact – in big or small ways.

To help those with families be able to attend, we will be running a crèche onsite from 10am – 3pm each day. Please email us at if you would like to register your children for the crèche.

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Friday 25th January, 7pm – 10pm (limited workspace will be available overnight)
We’ll open the event with some short presentations from subject matter experts to inspire you ahead of the weekend.

To frame your thinking, we’ll give an overview of the weekend themes and and give some inspirations for solutions in case you are stuck for ideas.

Participants will then be invited to pitch their ideas to the group, form teams and finalise what they will be working on for the weekend. More information on idea pitching will be posted on this website in the coming weeks.

If you’d like to pitch an idea on the Friday night, prepare in advance and distill it down to a short, clear proposition. You’ll get the floor for 1-2 minutes to convince other hackathon attendees to join with you for the weekend.

6.30pm: Registration
7pm: Dinner buffet open
7.15pm: Opening address from UP Singapore
7.25pm: Speech by Andy Ridley (Co-Founder, Earth Hour)
7.55pm: Presentation by SAP on support for winning apps from the weekend
8.10pm: Information on the weekend, tools available to you and how to access the data
8.40pm: Pitches and team formation
10pm: Close

Saturday 26th January, 10am – 7pm (limited workspace will be available overnight)
Teams work together on their ideas all day. We will have expert seminars, mentor clinics, as well as support from roving experts. You will be able to sign up for all of them to discuss your projects on the day.

Buffet lunch and afternoon tea will be provided, along with a supply of tea, coffee and water all day long.

What you need to bring:

  • Your computer, workbooks, pens  - anything you need to work through your ideas.
  • We will provide food and drink as above, wifi access and plenty of comfortable team working areas.
  • The air conditioning can be a little vicious, so please bring a jumper if you get cold easily.

Sunday 27th January, 10am – 4pm

10am – 1.30pm: Teams refine their ideas and work on their presentation.
We will run a series of presentation clinics during this slot, to help teams with their pitch and slide decks. You will be able to sign up for these over the weekend. Presentations must be kept to a maximum of two minutes. You can download the presentation templates here in both PowerPoint and Keynote.

12pm – 1.30pm: Buffet lunch.
Presentations MUST be handed in by 1.30pm to qualify for judging.
2pm – 3pm: Team presentations
3pm – 3.30pm: Judge’s deliberations.
3.30pm: Shortlist announced and celebrations.


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Workshop Evening, 22nd Jan 2013 (Free)

This informal workshop session will feature presentations by Amazon Web Services and SAP to show our participants how they can use available technologies to create solutions that can reduce our environmental impact.

Earth Hour’s Dave Lim will talk about potential ideas that could be investigated for the ‘I Will, Will You’ challenge over the weekend.

FREE entry and food/drinks will be provided the workshop session.

Venue: Amazon Web Services, #10-01 Capital Square,
23 Church Street, Singapore 049481

Date/Time: 22nd Jan 2013, 6.30pm to 9pm

Event Schedule

Registration and Networking Starts 6:30 pm

7:00 Intro by UP Singapore
7:10 Earth Hour – Introduction of  “I Will, Will You”  challenge
7:30 AWS – Overview of Amazon Web Services and Intro of SAP Partnership
7:50 SAP – Overview of HANA platform, Demo of visualization
8:00 SAP – Workshop on HANA allowing participants to interact
8:45 Samsung – discussion of technology on offer for event and benefits of programming for Android
9:00 Wrap up by UP Singapore



Our theme for this event is ‘Reducing our Environmental Impact’. We’ll be asking participants to think about how we can conserve natural resources by using less – as individuals, groups of friends, companies and as a city.

We’re focusing on three areas:


Develop solutions to drive behaviour change and quantify the impact of our individual actions. The best idea has the potential to be adopted as Singapore’s flagship application for this year’s Earth Hour.

The greatest obstacle to reducing our overall environmental impact is motivating individuals to change their behaviour.

  • How can technology and digital media help to incentivize and change behaviours?
  • How could quantifying our activities and their impact help?
  • Can we leverage social media to challenge others?
  • How can we reward ‘greener’ choices?

Take your shot at developing the flagship application for WWF Earth Hour’s “I Will IF You Will” campaign.

Create something that can help Singaporeans reduce their environmental impact and your idea could become part of a global campaign that makes a real difference!


Potential proposals could range from apps, or websites, that track and quantify your personal impact and inspire your friends to join you; right up to global campaigns that encourage citizens, cities and even countries to drive change.


Participants will be given access to relevant Public Data including individual/commercial consumption of water, energy and other resources. Check out our datawiki for the latest list.


Think about the latest technology and be inspired to help individuals and businesses optimise energy use.

Technology offers us many options for optimising our energy use, but these have yet to be fully capitalised on.

  • Can appliances be set to run when energy is cheapest?
  • Can buildings adapt to the number of people in them?
  • Can software tell you how to reduce waste just by analyzing your bills and usage?

Have a look at these websites for inspiration on what’s available for licence:


Proposals could range from simple web/mobile-based comparison tools, to an advanced app that allows people or businesses to monitor and control energy appliances.


Participants will be given access to relevant Public Data showing individual/commercial consumption of water, energy and other resources. Commercial Data will also be available – including building-level energy consumption data. Check out our datawiki for the latest list. 


Tackle environmental challenges with creative solutions that help Singapore become ‘A City in a Garden’.

Despite Singapore’s smart urban planning solutions, and high level of greenery, it is still an urban nation of five million citizens, and generates a substantial environmental footprint.

Transportation and traffic congestion, waste management, pollution levels and water independence are all ongoing challenges.

So what can we do it about it?

  • Can technology matched with a smart idea encourage more people to take up carpooling or biking?
  • Can crowdsourcing predict problems before they happen?
  • Can social media drive change in behavior and public/private policy?

We are looking for creative ideas to empower citizens, engage big business and government agencies and inspire everyone to take action.  Participants will leverage powerful datasets that track resource usage, traffic and other urban data to design solutions to help Singapore become ‘A City in a Garden’.


Proposals could range from social apps that encourage more environmentally efficient ways of commuting, to crowdsourcing apps that allow citizens to report problems, generate ideas (and support for them) that encourage government agencies and businesses to make positive change.


Participants will be given access to relevant Public Data showing individual/commercial consumption of water, energy and other resources. Commercial Data will also be available – including building-level energy consumption data. Check out our datawiki for the latest list.

Our partners

NUS Entrepreneurship Centre

The UP Singapore ‘Reducing our Environmental Impact’ hackathon is co-organised by NUS Entrepreneurship Centre (a division of NUS Enterprise).

About NUS Entrepreneurship Centre

The NUS Entrepreneurship Centre is a division of NUS Enterprise that promotes and supports entrepreneurial learning within the NUS community, nurtures start-ups by NUS professors, students and alumni, and conducts research to advance knowledge in the policy and practice of technology venturing in Singapore and beyond. NEC’s activities are organised into four key areas: Experiential Education, Entrepreneurship Development, NUS Enterprise Incubator and Entrepreneurship & Innovation Research.

In 2011, NEC created the GCL@NUS initiative with the Grameen Creative Lab to promote and incubate innovation-based social businesses in Singapore that have the potential to generate scalable, sustainable social impacts in Emerging Markets, especially social groups at Bottom of the Pyramid.

Earth Hour

UP Singapore is also proud to partner with Earth Hour. Together, we hope we can use our hackathon weekend to prototype some innovative ways to reduce our environmental impact.


About Earth Hour

Earth Hour is the largest open source environment movement in the world.

More than 7001 cities and towns in 152 countries and territories switched off their lights for Earth Hour 2012, sending a powerful message for action to save the planet.

Watch the Earth Hour 2012 official video. 

As part of Earth Hour 2013 (to be held on 23rd March), people around the world are being encouraged to set personal challenges and use them to inspire others to take small steps to conserve energy and resources.

Earth Hour and UP want to engage communities in Singapore to encourage them to take action towards measuring daily activity and raise awareness to the specific ‘You Will’ challenges in our city.

Earth Hour CEO and Co-Founder Andy Ridley will be presenting on the Friday night of the hackathon about the future direction of the campaign and the nature of running an open source campaign.

We will be encouraging hackathon attendees to prototype apps that can contribute towards Earth Hour’s ‘I Will If You Will’ campaign. The best idea has the potential to be adopted as the official app for 2013.

Check out the ‘I Will If You Will’ challenges already posted by celebrities and everyday people here.



Keynote Speaker

Fri, 25th January 2013

Andy Ridley, CEO and Co-Founder, Earth Hour

Andy Ridley is the CEO and Co-Founder of Earth Hour, the global climate change campaign he initiated in one city – Sydney, Australia in 2007, which by 2010 had swept the world, reaching more than 4,600 cities, towns and municipalities, in 128 countries, with hundreds of millions of people taking part.


Sat, 26th January 2013

Jon Petersen, Co-founder, buUuk

Jon, also known for his work in SinGeo, a digital site dedicated on visualizing Singapore on maps, started buUuk with the intention to help consumers to find food and drinks nearby.

Navjot Pawera, Co-founder, Extra Thought

Navjot loves observing interactions between people and their surroundings. In 2010 Navjot co-founded Extra Thought, a user experience design consultancy providing services for organisations working with products that need help within the fields of Interaction Design, User Experience, Usability or User Research.

Darrell Zhang, Co-founder, Intraix

Darrell firmly believes that Energy Saving Starts with Better Information. He started Intraix, a multi-platform Home Energy Management System that allows home users to reduce 10% of their energy consumption.

Keith Ng, Co-founder, GameMaki

Keith created GameMaki, the world’s simplest white-label gamification platform, a turnkey solution to help businesses engage their audience with real world challenges for fun and incentives.


Sun, 27th January 2013

Daryl Arnold, CEO, Newton Circus

Daryl has a keen eye for what is ‘next.’ He sees sustainability as not only something we can all feel good about getting behind, but an absolute necessity for the ‘now.’

Dave Lim, Earth Hour Global HQ, WWF

Dave’s passion is “Growing ideas to reality”. Dave is a Founding Curator, Board Member and Founding Partner of TEDxSingapore, Buy1Give1 and Ideas Worth Doing respectively. Dave joined Earth Hour in January 2013.

Harveen Narulla, Director (Strategy), GreenPost

Harveen is responsible for mapping out and executing GreenPost’s commercialisation strategy as part of the company’s core management team. GreenPost loves e-bills and is driving the mass adoption of paperless lifestyle in Asia.

Simon Dale, Head of Technology and Innovation, SAP

Simon worked extensively in all major Asia Pacific countries for the past eleven years, most recently for the past year as Head of Technology and Innovation, driving adoption of SAP’s new technologies beyond the traditional ERP customer base.

Data Sandbox

As with all UP events, we will be giving participants exclusive access to the UP data sandbox.

This contains an unprecedented amount of data that is not normally accessible to the public from private companies and government agencies.

This data can be used to gain insights into all sorts of aspects of city life, which can prove invaluable to the ideas you are working on. Visit our datawiki for the latest list of data we have to play with.

If you wish to use our data sandbox at the hackathon, you will need to sign an NDA to agree not to use this sensitive data outside of the weekend. Download a copy here to read in advance.

Our Speakers

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