We are a community of professional, talented and passionate citizens, who come together to tackle
a wide range of urban challenges and make Singapore more liveable, competitive and sustainable.

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Most Recent UP Initiatives

Smart Nation API coLAB

Discover and learn more than 100 APIs and hack out new API-enabled applications, and network with like-minded tech and data enthusiasts.

Manpower Hackathon

Explore smart uses of technology to empower workers with information and change the mindsets and behaviour towards better workplace safety.

IBM Bluemix Jam

Learn how easy and fast it is to build, manage and run web and mobile applications on IBM cloud platform, Bluemix.

Prototype Examples from our past Hackathons

SDI Academy

Team SDI Academy built a web-based service that allows foreign workers to learn English by performing small translation quizzes in their own preferred languages - focussing on conversational English relevant for their living and working in Singapore.

SDI Academy

Runner-up - Manpower Hackathon


Based on image processing, speech recognition, and audio and voice synthesis, the technology combines sounds and touch to replace vision in an intuitive manner


Jumpstart Grant Winner - Enabling Community coLAB 2014

Project Timelord

An online tool that helps people find accommodation that optimizes the commute to their workplace and helps businesses find an optimal location for their office/store.

Project Timelord

Winner - GeoHackathon 2014




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